In-Memory Database

    Analyse all of your data in real time with the ability to process both operational and analytical data in a single, next-generation in-memory database.
  • Gain real-time business insights with near-zero latency
  • Quickly identify risks and opportunities with built-in predictive analytics
  • Supercharge your core business processes and custom applications
  • SAP HANA Database

    Extreme Transaction Processing and Data Management

    Improve the availability of applications requiring extreme online transaction processing and scalability – with this high-performance database platform.
  • Achieve millions of transactions per minute with terabyte-sized databases while supporting rapid growth rates in data and transaction volume
  • Reduce operational risks by ensuring data security and availability
  • Lower IT costs through efficient use of storage, processor, and staff resources
  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)

    Big Data Management & Analytics Engine

    Accelerate analytics and big data processing with native MapReduce API, Hadoop integration, and built-in text analytics – with this highly optimised analytics RDBMS.
  • Run ad hoc queries on large datasets up to 100x faster with true columnar technology
  • Efficiently analyse both structured and unstructured data in the same platform
  • maximise return on assets with high compression and commodity hardware
  • SAP IQ

    Mobile Data Management

    Design and deploy custom database-powered applications that automatically synchronise business data to thousands of mobile computing devices and remote offices.
  • harmonise your data securely, reliably, and with zero administration
  • Empower users with access to vital data – anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Streamline rollouts with automated deployment and rapid application development
  • Benefit from support for all leading computing platforms
  • SAP SQL Anywhere

    Data Replication

    Replicate and synchronise Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM database transactions – for secure, high-performance data delivery across the enterprise.
  • Support data movement, distribution, synchronisation, and migration
  • Rely on distributed disaster recovery
  • Drive real-time reporting with zero impact to the production system
  • Leverage an uninterrupted data migration path
  • Support bi-directional synchronisation across heterogeneous databases
  • SAP Replication Server

    Enterprise Modeling

    Leverage industry-leading modeling, impact analysis, design-time change management, and metadata management techniques throughout your organisation.
  • Align business and IT to increase overall productivity
  • Leverage open support for heterogeneous environments
  • customise PowerDesigner to help enforce standards and ensure compliance
  • Facilitate complex enterprise architecture implementations
  • Increase agility with Link & Sync for true impact analysis
  • SAP PowerDesigner

    Complex Event Processing (CEP)

    Speed development and deployment of applications that analyse and act on massive amounts of streaming data in real-time – with this award-winning platform.
  • Process multiple streams of event data in real time – for better decision making
  • Apply custom business logic to normalise, filter, correlate, and aggregate events
  • Generate a stream of actionable information from one or more streams of raw data
  • Automate responses to changing conditions based on individual or multiple events
  • Generate alerts to raise awareness of situations that require immediate attention
  • SAP Event Stream Processor

    Data Management for Financial Markets

    Combine real-time data capture, historical analytics, and risk management with our award-winning data management platform for financial markets.
  • Support the entire trading lifecycle from market data enrichment to model execution
  • Develop, test, and execute effective risk management and trading processes
  • Integrate real-time and historical data for backtesting and new insights
  • Run streaming analytics on huge volumes of market data, including sentiment
  • SAP Sybase RAP

    Embedded Database Management

    Extend your existing applications and manage your database from any device – with this full-featured, easily embedded, relational database management system.
  • Gain flexibility unmatched by SQL-only databases with both ISAM and SQL data access
  • Develop powerful data-driven applications for client-server and mobile environments
  • Scale from local to peer-to-peer to client-server environments with one set of source code
  • SAP Advantage Database Server

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Software Solutions

GHTML Africa Software Solutions is a leading global provider of intelligent school management systems, financial transaction management and sanctions compliance technology for banks and corporates. GHTML Africa’s software product suite has delivered seamless solutions that streamline, automate and control all stages of school management systems, the payments life cycle for financial institutions and corporates of all type, with end-to-end visibility. GHTML Africa’s software product suite is designed to reduce costs, create revenue opportunities, and manage risks.

With GHTML CloudSuite, you get industry solution suites backed by our experienced practical application staff and continuously enhanced with the latest innovations, from mobile access and social technologies to industry-driven analytics.

Schools & Colleges

Get everything you need to run your school: student's report cards, transcript, library, administration, bookkeeping, procurement, and more.


Get everything you need to run your business: global finance, supply chain, procurement, and more.


Enhance performance throughout your small or mid-size organization.


Enhance performance in every part of your organization.

Public Sector

Deliver better citizen services, reduce government IT costs, and easily manage budgets, payroll, and assets.


Speed time-to-consumer by improving performance of complex supply chains and more.

Food & Beverages

Develop the supply chain agility to effectively manage fluctuations in raw materials, production, and shipping.


Gain innovative and intelligent solutions that can boost workforce performance and efficiency in every part of your organization.


Collaborate across systems and strengthen compliance.


Provide better guest experiences with a full suite of financial and operations tools.

Industrial Manufacturing

Manage complex value chains, fast-paced projects, and more to meet escalating customer demands.

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E-Payment Systems

E payment is a subset of an e-commerce transaction to include electronic payment for buying and selling goods or services offered through the Internet. Generally we think of electronic payments as referring to online transactions on the internet, there are actually many forms of electronic payments. As technology developing, the range of devices and processes to transact electronically continues to increase while the percentage of cash and check transactions continues to decrease. In the US, for example, checks have declined from 85% of non-cash payments in 1979 to 59% in 2002, and electronic payments have grown to 41%.

The Internet has the potential to become the most active trade intermediary within a decade. Also, Internet shopping may revolutionize retailing by allowing consumers to sit in their homes and buy an enormous variety of products and services from all over the worlds. Many businesses and consumers are still wary of conducting extensive business electronically. However, almost everyone will use the form of E Commerce in near future.

This site will discuss the e commerce developing procedure in national level especially on e payment system. Also strategy for fostering increased business and consumer confidence in the use of electronic networks for commerce and payment system.

Click Here to View The Types of E-Payment Systems We Have

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Cybersecurity & Strategy

Cybersecurity Deploy in one of the most secure cloud environments available, providing visibility and control that's trusted by all governments in Africa.
Cybersecurity Optimize system performance and keep your technology current. GHTML Africa is committed to ongoing innovation and to providing tools that support and empower your IT staff.
Next-generation cloud security

The GHTML's CloudSuite team builds upon the world-class security provided to Services, using best-practice protocols and practical safeguards that not only protect your data, but also offer confidence and peace of mind. To get to know more about GHTML CloudSuite security then, please contact us now.

    Application security

  • Best practices built into development
  • Regular code reviews
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing
  • TLS and transaction-based business logic
  • Encryption using mechanisms like TLS, PGP and secure FTP
  • Network security

  • Security through separation
  • Layered defense architecture
  • Third party interception protection
  • Policies & procedures

  • ISO 27001 Conformance
  • Regulatory compliance on as-needed basis (e.g., Ghana Data Protection and Privacy Laws, etc.)

    Physical security

  • Biometric-protected data centers
  • Guard-controlled access
  • Closed-circuit television monitoring
  • Systems for physical intrusion monitoring, detection, and alerting
  • Monitoring

  • Restricted access, limited user account permissions
  • Hardening and managed patching
  • Operations security

  • Dynamic password management
  • Server authentication through digital certificates
  • Formal configuration and change management processes
  • Customer-owned data, privacy protection
  • Incident monitoring, logging, and auditing

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Digital Marketing Strategy
A digital marketing strategy is the content plan that ensures any digital marketing efforts which are tailored to your target audience, in order to maximise return on your investment.
Your audience may be arriving at your website or online content via a desktop, a tablet or as is increasingly common, from a mobile device.
To be fully accessible, you should consider optimising your content across multiple platforms. If you want to succeed in the digital space today, it is vital you focus on WHAT you want to communicate, WHO you want to communicate it to and HOW you are going to communicate it.
Our Digital Marketing Strategy is your one-stop-shop for understanding digital engagement and helping you to define a successful digital strategy for your business.

The digital landscape is forever shifting, so don't stand still as you may just get left behind.

Our strategy will take you through what we see as the Key 5 stages of preparation for your successful digital strategy.
#1. Research the Challenge Area
#2. Set the goal
#3. Plan the attack
#4. Gather your Weapons
#5 Review PROFIT and LOSSES

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Web Development & Hosting
Your website is an eye to your business or in another word your virtual office represented in the wide world web. Therefore, your website must be professionally designed and optimized to give your business a strong boost. We can take care of your web needs from web development, content strategy and management to hosting and maintenance. All our professional Web Designs are very affordable.

Our developers are highly experienced and professional to develop and make your business accessible everywhere in the world. Our web solution ranges from simple websites to complex business applications and our processes go beyond planning, analysing, evaluating and designing.

Our system analysts and architects are ready to help you study and figure-out your business strengths and weaknesses in today's digital market to ensure positive synergy. Our ultimate goal is to see your business grow faster through our modern seamless and unparalleled solutions that is creative, innovative and functional.

Click here to see some of our clients

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Corporate Branding
Providing corporate identity design services at the highest quality has brought our company international exposure and recognition. We are proud to have our work featured in a number of graphic design publications alongside prestigious graphic designers and unique design projects. This validates the relevance of our vision and the effectiveness of our logo designs.

Our creative process and philosophy are rooted in Africa's rich and diverse culture of design and art. Our work is based on a high level of expertise within various disciplines such as brand and design strategy, corporate identity, art direction, digital design and technology, packaging design and product design.

With a high reputation for providing the very best creative solutions for our clients, we strive to uncover the essence of a brand and convey it through innovative and distinctive design solutions. Our team of corporate identity experts will tailor their approach to each new client - from niche businesses and small brands to international organizations.

We love to work with passionate people around the globe and try to figure out the story behind every new project. Visionary thinking combined with graphical expression, strategic clarity and an obsession with perfection is what drives us to go that extra mile for our clients.

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Training Programme
  • GHTML Africa Institute of Technology offers practical course structure for its students. The days of theories are all over. We offer hands on professional IT courses to enable you suit today's job market. Get one-on-one learning support when you need it from our friendly, and experienced instructors.
  • Flexible study times,
  • Study on a timetable that suits you.
  • We offer flexible training days with our schedules on Saturdays and Sundays,
  • We offer flexible training hours with our scheduled morning, afternoon and evening shifts.
  • Courses start weekly, Get started now - there’s no need to wait until the next semester. [International students start monthly]

    Microsoft Office Package

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Publisher

    Web Development & Computer Programming

  • Introduction to Internet
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Expression Web (Studio 4)
  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • Microsoft Sql Server
  • Oracle
  • Jquery
  • Programming in Python
  • Programming in C
  • Programming in Processing
  • Interactive Computer Graphics with WebGL (Programming in WebGL)
  • Visual Basic
  • Android Mobile Applications

    Graphic Design & Multimedia

  • Fundamentals of CorelDraw Application
  • Foundamentals of Adobe Photoshop
  • Corporate Branding & Image Identity using CorelDraw & Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Firework
  • Adobe Macromedia Flash
  • Cartooning in Koolmoves
  • Computer Graphics Animation & Digital with Blender
  • Computer Graphics Animation with Iclone
  • Fundamentals of Architectural Design (AUTOCAD)

    Business Management

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Microsoft Project
  • Tally
  • Quickbook
  • SPSS

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